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We specialize in residential new fence installation in Woodburn NC and Brunswick, New Hanover & Pender Counties. Our customers are top priority, and we work hard to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our services.

Our expertise allows us to help you design and build the perfect fence for your new or old home, providing safety for your pets, family, and property. We work with several different types of fencing products so we can provide you with options to meet your needs and budget.

It is our mission to always deliver high quality and professional services to residents of the Cape Fear Region.

Towns we serve include Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, Oak Island, Rocky Point, Southport, Boiling Springs Lake, Hampstead and more!

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Residential Fencing Company in Woodburn NC

Is it time to add some new fencing to your home in Woodburn North Carolina? Do you want to improve your curb appeal, keep pets and children safe, or put up fencing around your swimming pool? Or do you want some privacy in your backyard so you don’t feel like you live in a fishbowl?

You are not alone! (but maybe you want to feel alone in your yard). Add a nice wooden or vinyl privacy fence and start enjoying your outside space without your neighbors seeing everything you do! Create some private entertaining space or your own quiet private retreat. Privacy fences are typically about 6 feet tall and can potentially add value to your property. Usually made of vinyl or wood, backyard privacy fences are very popular and we will happily show you your options for your yard.

Not everyone wants a privacy fence, and lots of HOAs don’t allow them. That’s where aluminum fences and classic picket fences are good options. Aluminum and vinyl fences can be quite stylish, and wooden fencing comes in different materials and styles. You will find you have many options to help keep your pets and kids in your yard safe. Homeowners looking for pool fences have many materials to choose from.

Chain link fencing has been around forever, and many people still opt for it due to its lower price point and durability. Also called hurricane fencing, chain link fences can withstand severe weather and requires little maintenance. That makes it a winner for many.

When you start thinking about getting a fence, do your research starting with your HOA. Then look at the pros and cons of different materials like vinyl, wood, aluminum, and chain link. Cost is always a factor so getting an estimate is always recommended. Your total project cost will depend on the type of material, the length and height of the fence, and any extras that you add such as decorative features, custom posts, and gates. The difficulty of the installation is also a price factor. If we’re dealing with rocky or sloping terrain or lots of trees, your labor costs will be higher.

Whatever you want or need, we can help you find the perfect solution for your yard or pool. We work with various types of materials and will even create custom designs to fit your needs. It’s important to find a fence builder who can do it all. Our fencing contractors serve the Woodburn NC and Cape Fear area. We are experienced at building fences and offer a wide range of solutions for your home. If you want to learn what your options are, contact us now.

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Vinyl Fence Woodburn NC

Vinyl fences (also known as PVC fences) are a very attractive option for homeowners. They are more durable, resistant to weather, and require minimal maintenance compared to wooden fences. Vinyl fences come in a variety of colors and styles, including vertical and horizontal. It can be solid panels for privacy fencing, or it can have spacing between slats as in picket fences. Custom looks are also available.


Wood Fence Woodburn NC

Wood fencing has always been a popular choice for homeowners. It is loved due to its natural look and durability. Wood fences come in a different materials, such as pine, cedar, pressure treated, and more. Styles include picket, board-on-board, solid privacy, and custom designs. Painting or staining gives you even more color options. Wooden fences do require regular maintenance, and definitely more than vinyl fences.

Professional Fence Installation Company in Woodburn NC and Brunswick, New Hanover & Pender Counties


Aluminum Fence Woodburn NC

If you want a durable low-maintenance fence that provides both curb appeal and security, look at aluminum fencing options. They come in a variety of styles and colors, so you can choose the one that compliments your home. Many HOAs now require black aluminum fences. Many choose aluminum fencing for their swimming pool or hot tub area. Aluminum fences and gates are generally more expensive than other types of fencing, but require little maintenance.

Pool Fence Woodburn NC

If you have a swimming pool, installing a pool code fence is usually required by your town or county. The local code will typically include a minimum height, bar spacing, and strength requirements, and of course secure gates. Aluminum pool fencing is a popular choice but doesn’t provide much privacy. Pool privacy fences can be built with either wood or vinyl. Once you have the area around your pool and hot tub secure to keep children and animals out, you and your family can enjoy hours of fun and relaxation pool-side.

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Chain link fencing is very functional and can get the job done on a lower budget. Due to its affordability and durability, it is a popular choice, especially in more rural areas. It is great for keeping your pets and children contained, and provides simple security for your property. It is low maintenance and can withstand the high winds and salty air in the South. While it is relatively inexpensive, it doesn’t provide any privacy or sound deadening. There are options available to address the privacy concerns. There are also customizing options such as vinyl coating and privacy slats.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fence lasts the longest?

Galvanized steel chain link fencing lasts the longest. Because it lacks privacy and curb appeal, it isn’t the most popular choice among homeowners. Aluminum and vinyl fences also can last 50+ years iff taken care of. These fencing materials are 100% immune to rot and mold.

What is the most popular type of fence?

Wood fencing is the most popular of all fences. There are many styles to choose from, including traditional picket and stockade fences. There are also modern styles, and wood can be customized to however you want it to look. Wooden fences are also less expensive than vinyl, aluminum, or metal varieties.

How much does a typical fence cost?

Most fences cost between $15 and $80 per linear foot installed. The price of a new fence installation depends on the materials you choose and the area that we are working in. If the area we are installing your fence in is challenging, such as hilly or rocky, or trees that we have to work around, labor costs will go up. It is always best to get an estimate from a professional fence installation company.

What is the best fencing for high winds?

Wire mesh fence or a chain link fence (also called hurricane fence) is best in high winds. The openings allow the wind to blow through. For wooden fences, picket or board-on-board fences do better in the wind than solid privacy fences do.

What is a good neighbor fence?

A fence that looks the same on both sides is considered to be a good neighbor fence. Wooden board-on-board, vinyl panels, and metal or aluminum fences are examples.

Our Process

If you are ready to learn more about new fencing for your home, the first step is for you to request a quote using the form below. Once we receive that, we will contact you to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment with one of our expert fence contractors. You will be provided with an estimate for your installation. Once you have approved the estimate, your fencing materials are ordered and your installation is scheduled. Ready to get started? Request your estimate today!


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Our mission is to provide professional fencing installation services to homeowners in Brunswick, New Hanover & Pender Counties.

We work hard to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our services. With many years of experience, our crews provide professional and quality services.

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